Thursday, 3 May 2012

FAKE MISSHA BB Cream post/rant BEWARE Ifwins2008

I originally wasn't planning on updating my blog til after Semester 2 has finished but I feel this needs to be blogged, to remind myself to do my research next time and to warn others.
This was the first BB cream I've ever bought and stupidly I didn't do my research beforehand and only looked for reviews for the best cream for dry skin. On the 25th April I bought this BB cream from Ifwins2008:
In case the listing ends/ebay has decided to take some action, screenshot of said product:
(also just noticed whilst uploading image...why is it listed under 'Kid's clothes'??!! And Bang!)
Again I was stupid for not asking but nowhere on their page does it say they were selling a fake Missha product...I assumed as they're using the company name it would be fine...=_=;;
The cream arrived yesterday (2nd May) but I noticed on the back of the package on the labeling it says HK, Ifwins2008 listed the product location as UK. (screencaps below) And more Bang Good....

The text on the box reads: 
MISSHA M Pertect Cover B.B
Cream offers a novel skincare concept with B.B cream, which hightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes  with exeellent skin-cover abiliby, and prevents skin aging through eftective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.

Whereas the text on the tube have no misspellings, my guess is the tube is genuine but the product inside is a fake. The nib pops off so easily! I actually managed to spill some product around the rim as I expected it to be quite stiff but nope, popped off like button. 
I have also read other people's reviews on the real thing and they all mention a nice scent like Johnson's products but this had a very dull floral scent. 

And here's the "coverage" it provides: (testing it out on my wrist and my mole xD)
Luckily my skin isn't sensitive, but it's kinda hard to tell if this product will cause damage or not since you can't read the real ingredients or have anyway of knowing what it is you're putting on your skin. 

So I sent the seller an angry message (believe me I held back A LOT) and this is how the conversation is going so far....
So they admit they're selling fakes!  
That 4th sentence really got to me! I don't even want my money back I just want this seller to stop selling this fakery to people..pretending it's the real deal.
After this I reported them on ebay for counterfeit, fake item. Unfortunately ebay doesn't update you about the situation due to "privacy laws" ¬_¬ 

Before my 2nd message I saw they had received a negative feedback from a buyer the same day. So I instantly messaged her as she was in the same situation. They were refusing to refund her until she left them good feedback...but when she pursued they claimed they had refunded her and gave her a fake paypal transaction she she opened a dispute and Ifwins2008 back pedalled and told her they would refund her (again...did they forget they already sent her a "refund")....what kind of a seller is he/she? =_=;;
Fortunately in the end she won the case and got her money back as ebay sided with her.

I lie to your customers like that and trick them...that shows what kind of seller Ifwins2008 is :/

For those who's still interested I'll keep you updated but at this point I don't want a refund, it's not about money anymore...what would happen if someone had a severe reaction to this "cream"? 

Don't be stupid like me and do your research when buying new cosmetics/similar stuff!