Sunday, 4 December 2011

Red hair!

Because my bleached hair is beyond damaged I didn't want to risk bleaching away the uneven tones (otherwise my hair is going to fall out for sure!) so I opted for a darker colour to hide the massive mess. I went to Superdrug last week and noticed Schwarzkopfe has brought out a new product; 'Shake it up Colour Foam' being the curious person I am I bought 2 packs in the 'Red Berry Passion' colour. It was also on offer from £5.99 to £3.99.
My hair dye collection (I did have another 3 packs before...but I used it)
The Superdrug brand in Blonde is rubbish on dark hair, made no difference!
Live XXL is the best one I've used in terms of lightening.

I don't like Winter weather, it gets dark so quickly!
Sorry for the poor camera quality, I only seem to want to take pictures when it's dark =.=;;;

Eyelashessss <3 Still trying to improve my "gyaru" make-up and failing dismally X_X

Hair comparison

It was so easy to use and really fun! It was just like shampooing your hair, no drip either!
Packaging is cute too although..... doesn't taste so nice!
Does red hair suit me?
edit: Also I forgot to mention, the dye smells fruity, not your usual 'I'mma burn yo nostrils bitch!' chemical smell! :D


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  2. Oh. My. GOD. Red hair looks so good on you! It looks kinda brownish at the ends, but it doesn't look bad at all. It looks good with that outfit, too, like those twintails. aaaaa I love twintails <3 And just stop looking good in everything ;_; <3

    And wow, that's so much bleach/dye o-o I just buy a pack whenever I wanna bleach my hair >A>
    (blogspot kiiinda messed up my post so repostin' that shit, yeee)

  3. so much looooooooveee for thisss (=w=)
    jealous of all your hair dye aswell OwO omg
    cutecutecute <3

  4. N'awww thank you! <3
    And I intended to buy one pack but ended up buying more cos it was on offer, plus my hair is pretty long ^^;;

  5. Red hair suits you so well ♥

  6. Merry Christmas from Hello Kitty Forever! ^_^

    Thanks for following and I hope you have a happy new year!!


  7. looks totally cute on you!

    lindsey |