Sunday, 12 February 2012

This week

I did many things this week...well a lot more than usual! Let's start with Monday!
My housemates decided to do Hot Pot to celebrate a friend's birthday, much yummyness was to be consumed <3

Then Joe decided to make everyone watch 1 guy 1 jar and 2 girls 1 well as other weird youtube clips, wonderful. Calvin died a little inside that night.

After consuming all the food we played a chinese card game called 'Big Two' and whoever lost had to take a spoonful of something they hated, Alex can't stand spicy so we made him take a spoonful of chilli flakes, Calvin hates ginger so ginger powder....which stuck to his mouth for ages and Alan had to drink the cold left over soup base, mixed with coffee and black pepper and hot chocolate, yum.

Birthday girl! And Birthday roll <3

On Wednesday I went round a friends' house to bake cookies, I had so much to bring as my friend doesn't have any baking equipment X_X But it was worth it! The cookies came out more as biscuits but we had fun decorating them :D  I also tried to give the bear a bow tie and fig really failed :(

 Emma, Frankie, Summer, me and Anthea <3 and Hello Kitty biscuits!

It snowed again on Thursday night too. I was meant to go to someone's house party but didn't in the end cos of the snow so instead I stayed round Anthea's house to bake cupcakes xD But the taxi driver also refused to take me up my road cos he said he wouldn't be able to come back down if he did >.< It was almost 2am but it was the most beautiful walk I've ever had, everything was white and glittered in the moon! Kind of glad I had to walk home haha When I came home the guys were still awake so I made them come out and play in the snow before the school kids could mwahaha >:) 

 I gave Alex's car Hello Kitty ears :D And the guys making a penis.....which they put on someone's car :/ Naughty boys....

Our Snowlady, her eyes fell off so they became her nipples. And Calvin's baby snowman :D But he didn't wear ANY gloves so his hands were frozen and chapped and red, silly boy 

By Friday afternoon the snow had melted which was good cos that meant I could go and pick up my new phone from Orange! :D So out with the old and in with the new, I do feel slightly sad though as I've had my old phone for 3 years :<
Ma sexy Xperia ;D

 Aaaand finally, yesterday! Anthea and I went to Southampton to "window shop" and visit IKEA since I've never been before, it was such a lovely trip! I bought a few things and managed to spend about £ much for saving money *le sigh* At least half of it was for uni work...
IKEA was great! I got to use my new camera phone too...turns out it works better than my digital camera in dimly lit places OTL
IKEA's famous swedish meatballs <3 Mmmmmmm!  Strawberry plush and a bear trap....poor things :(
A mummy croc eating her baby and sarcastic mat (I want this)

Purchases of the day! Paperchase stuff for uni, Primark bag, finally found a bag to match my 2 H&M dresses >_< And some Bodyshop stuff for dry skin

And my shorts from ebay arrived :D Now I have to wait for Spring....

Ooohhh and my picture was also used in the Hyper Japan fashion focus article on Tuesday here :D
So that was my week ^^ Sorry there's so many photos!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

VW replica bag- Loli Loli Paradise

On January 11th I went on Loli Loli Paradise on facebook as I've been wanting a black bag for a while and had my eye on the Vivienne Westwood replica which can be found Here <3
So I shot them an email and they replied within a few hours and asked if they would bring the price down from £37 to £35 but the only gave discounts if you buy more than 3 things. So I paid on the 12th Jan and she told me it would take 15-30 days to arrive. Having bought many things from overseas I had expected the bag to arrive around February time but much to my surprise it arrived on the 23rd January! And here it is:

Big bubble envelope :D 

It has the logo on the little button things and on the zipper :D

The back, there's a dent from the strap but it's disappeared now

Inside material, the VW orb logo everywhere, even has a little gold plate on the inside pocket!

Side straps ^^

It's such a beautiful replica! Every detail is immaculate, I actually went onto google straight away to find the real thing to compare >_< I didn't even know this bag has gold glitter as I couldn't see it in the stock image, but it's exactly the same as the original. Needless to say I used this bag straight away, it's very sturdy and stiff so I have to pry the bag wide apart when I need to get something out/put something in. But I'm so happy with this <3 Overall experience:
♥ Shipping+Packaging: 10/10 Bag arrived in pristine condition :)
♥ Communication: 10/10 Super fast replies
♥ Quality of bag: 10/10 Every detail is perfect, this is going to last me forever

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Gothic Lolita Wig competition and snow

I have entered!
I was a little nervous at first and have been wanting to join for ages but the snow last night put me in a really good mood so I thought I'd better do it before I regret to do so!
My house mate wanted to try sleighing down the slope but only had a plastic box which he's wearing on his head....

The snow last night didn't last very long.... :(

Anyway here's the link to my entry-----> Vote for me please? :3
Also check out the other models some of them are amazing :D
Thanks for reading <3
Edit: Found this photo that I took yesterday, snow themed? :D

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bradford on Avon meet and rubbish Fairy-Kei attempt

Not a lot have happened lately, apart from Joe's birthday and going to Southampton for a bit of shopping. 
But I wrote another article for the Bradford On Avon meet which you can read here:- YATTA!
There's also a interview video that Hatchi had made, unfortunately my part is inaudible due to the wind :<

Outfit rundown: Kawaiigoods Bear Hat and accessories, Cute as Candy Lilac t-shirt, Angelic pretty Fruits parlor mini skirt, Ap socks and VWxMelissa replica shoes, handmade collar (not by me)

Anyway since my previous posts have been pretty long I'll try and keep this short :)
I attempted Fairy-Kei today as my Cute as Candy t-shirt arrived on Wednesday, and I also realised I have a huge shortage of cute accessories, I also decorated an old pair of glasses with little crafty bits, ta-da!

 Cute as Candy T-shirt, can be bought here <3 
Also bought a hoodie with wings on the back, you can kinda see the right wing ^^