Sunday, 4 December 2011

Red hair!

Because my bleached hair is beyond damaged I didn't want to risk bleaching away the uneven tones (otherwise my hair is going to fall out for sure!) so I opted for a darker colour to hide the massive mess. I went to Superdrug last week and noticed Schwarzkopfe has brought out a new product; 'Shake it up Colour Foam' being the curious person I am I bought 2 packs in the 'Red Berry Passion' colour. It was also on offer from £5.99 to £3.99.
My hair dye collection (I did have another 3 packs before...but I used it)
The Superdrug brand in Blonde is rubbish on dark hair, made no difference!
Live XXL is the best one I've used in terms of lightening.

I don't like Winter weather, it gets dark so quickly!
Sorry for the poor camera quality, I only seem to want to take pictures when it's dark =.=;;;

Eyelashessss <3 Still trying to improve my "gyaru" make-up and failing dismally X_X

Hair comparison

It was so easy to use and really fun! It was just like shampooing your hair, no drip either!
Packaging is cute too although..... doesn't taste so nice!
Does red hair suit me?
edit: Also I forgot to mention, the dye smells fruity, not your usual 'I'mma burn yo nostrils bitch!' chemical smell! :D

Sunday, 27 November 2011

New blog! And utter hair fail

Since a lot of people in my course has their own blog to showcase their work I thought I'd make my own :)
So here's my Illustration blog! I will gradually upload more and more.
This way please....

And my hair! That too is a work in progress all I can say right now is FML :'(

Thursday, 24 November 2011

2nd Gyaru attempt

Yet again I've had a few busy days, uni has started up and I've been re-arranging our bedroom since my parents decided to give me my extra bed from home, hooray for more sleeping space!
And my final *for now* ebay haul arrived yesterday, I love that bag so much! Not so keen on the jacket though, it's so long on me :( Might have to sell it soon.

Today I managed to get some free hours to try out another gyaru look, I found a thread on cgl filled with make-up scans, my outcome dun dun dun.... 

Does goth gal exist? I tried to be less heavy on the be honest I preferred my first attempt >.< What do you guys think?

Also bleached my hair today but it went horribly wrong, note to self: Strip away previous dye before bleaching. I have 5 different orange tones in my hair =_=;;

Edit: one without lippy:

Sunday, 20 November 2011

KanonxKanon ♥ *long post*

No words in the world could have described how excited I was for Friday night's gig! Kanon Wakeshima was the very first lolita artist I ever laid eyes on, she's beautiful and her voice is amazing and An Cafe has been my favourite band ever since I discovered them in 2007 (and I had a huge crush on Kanon ever since), I was so sad that they went on hiatus the year I managed to save up for a gig, so you can imagine my joy when male Kanon and female Kanon became a band! I was dancing and singing around my room for weeks!
The morning of the gig I received my ebay and Superdrug package (I've been buying loads of things lately!) which was perfect timing as my nails needed painting! :D They are doing a 3 for 2 offer on cosmetics online AND instore so I bought 2True waterproof eyeliner, NYC bronzing powder and 4 MUA Nail Quake polishes, the names are quite unusual and not what you'd associate with the colours but here's what I got: Pink- Shiver, Purple- Broken Arrow, Black- Jailbreak and Silver- Shattered Ice. I love the black and silver polish's name ^^

I wore a blue coat underneath Jailbreak, when you apply the polish it goes on like any normal polish does but as it dries you can see the cracks start to form! It's pretty fun to watch ^^ DO NOT double coat it whilst it starts to dry though, the results would be pretty ugly D:

Ebay packages: hair ponytail extension, pink heart top (more of a dress on me), black star necklace, cross and anchor rings. And my simple make up since I was in a rush and didn't have time for fake lashes :( 

Soooo on with the day! My friend Summer and I set off at 1pm to the station to catch our London train, we were both in lolita and when our train arrived I heard a middle aged chav lady behind us calling us freaks and that she'll 'call the fashion police' but that didn't faze me because she wasn't the best looking thing on earth and was dressed head to toe in tracksuit/chav attire. I didn't think she was in any position to judge :) 
When we arrived at Waterloo station I decided to take Summer to Camden as she's never been there before, it was around 3pm by the time we got there and it was quite busy, I wanted to show her a few Lolita shops but GLP was closed, Sai Sai was open though the things in there were expensive and the 3rd loli shop had moved to one of the market stalls/huts. We browsed around the place for a while longer and I bought 2 t-shirts from Cyberdog, I love that place so much <3 There were two people dancing on the podiums when we went in which drew a small crowd. 

We took our headbows off at this point as it was giving us headaches.
2 girls screamed 'Lolita' at us from across the road and came over to give us hugs and compliments which was very sweet of them ^^ That certainly made us forget about the earlier remarks.

Shortly after 5pm we met up with Rosanna and Bobby where they kindly offered us a lift to the venue. When we got there we thought we'd be in the main room but the security guard directed us upstairs.

I was spazzing all over the place at this point!

After having our tickets checked we went inside, I was surprised how small the venue was, I expected it to be quite big but the crowd barely filled 1/3 of the room! Not that I was complaining, it meant we could be closer to the Kanon's! ^.^
Doors opened at 7pm but we got there for 7:30 and waited for almost an hour before female Kanon came out. She was incredibly gorgeous, wearing the same outfit she wore for Hyper Japan. The gig opened with 'Still Doll' where she sang beautifully and actually performed like a doll <3 <3 <3

My camera couldn't handle her radiance so decided to capture her as a blob instead :<

After singing Still Doll she gave us a little intro speech, no words could describe how adorable she was! She asked us if anyone knew the name of her cello but noone knew which made me feel quite bad.

Then she went on to sing more songs from her new album, she even brought out a star shaped tamborine during Marmalade Sky:

And her final song to end her set, Princess Charleston!
Sorry all my videos were cut short, I didn't clear my memory card beforehand and space was limited :(
When she left the stage everything went dark and we all stood confused cos we thought it had all ended very quickly but after a few minutes of silence male Kanon came on! I have never screamed louder in my life OwO I'm still swooning from the fact I saw him in person! He came out and told us he was going to be our DJ whilst girl Kanon was getting ready/taking a well deserved rest backstage. He played us some songs from anime's and at one point put on Kakusei Heroism <3 It was a little bit awkward though because nobody danced, which was quite disappointing, I regret not putting my coat in the cloakroom otherwise I would have just went mental xD

Kanon's DJ set ended after a while and he went backstage to get changed again, whilst he was gone a cute video popped up on the big screen, I was too short to see much but what I did see was chibi Kanon's talking about Mr Kanon's Otaku dance then an alien started showing us the dance and the step by step. A bunch of girls in front of us followed the video which I thought was quite cute but that also meant I saw NOTHING as they were jumping in the way ;__; Boo for shortness!

When the video ended KanonxKanon came out! They were dressed in the same outfit they wore in the Calendula Requiem PV. Male Kanon kept his head down for most of the songs but girl Kanon was very interactive and danced a lot *I'm so in love <3*

Since they don't have many songs out they started to sing the Sailor Moon theme as a filler and male Kanon dressed up as Tuxedo mask, I was mentally pouring blood from my nose at this point eeeeppppp! TTuTT
He also threw a small bouquet out to the crowd sadly I didn't see where it had landed otherwise I would've dived towards it (when I left the venue I saw the girl who managed to catch it, soooooo lucky! @_@) At one point she also sang a Vocaloid song and she threw a leek out to the audience xDDD

I didn't want the gig to ever end but sadly they would've died of exhaustion if they didn't finish soon so for the closing song they sang my favourite- The Doll House. They both danced to this and male Kanon kept mouthing the words to himself so as not to forget the steps, how cute! >w< *fangirl spazzing everywhere atm*
When the song ended they went to the front of the stage and shook everyone's (well everyone who was bundled to the front) hand! I didn't manage to get in because I have short arms ;___; That's the one part I know I'll regret for years to come =_=;; But they bowed so many times they must've got dizzy from it and they were so grateful that we had all supported their gig, I wanted to cry cos they were so sweet! Then they left but everyone still stood about hoping for an encore and luckily they did! For the finale they did the Otage dance and Mr Kanon was so into it! Female Kanon was singing, jumping and clapping and got the audience involved, my hands are still red! Look how excited Kanon is about his dance! xD

At the end they shook everyone's hands again and bowed at least half a dozen times! Almost as soon as they left the guards ushered us away from the stage, not before we got a picture of Kanon's cello though! See how tiny the stage is?! I really hope they would come back to the UK to perform again because they were amazing live and I can honestly say this was one, if not THE best day I've had this year, I'm having KxK withdrawals already :(

Bye bye beautiful stage and Nanachie-San TT_TT

I'm sorry this post was so long but I felt so happy I need to share every detail so one day when I read back to this I won't forget what a perfect day I had! >_< And sorry for the annoying-ness, I tend to get VERY carried away when I'm excited!

My Cyberdog tops! <3

Unmarked pictures= Bobby's photos ^^

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Exciting few days *image heavy*

Sorry I haven't been posting at all this week, I have been pretty busy!
On Wednesday I went to Southampton with my fellow "asian crew" for some dim sum and shopping, sadly I didn't bring bring my camera with me as it didn't have batteries :(  But this is what I got:

Primark boots and winter socks!

Also I joined a Bodyline GO about 3 months ago and it had finally arrived! Because the group order was so big they had to send it via sea mail, and I took advantage of the $1 shipping on Bodyline last week, it only took 4 days to arrive! :D Ever since I saw this dress on the website I've been very curious as to how it looked in person so I took a gamble and bought it along with a pair of shoes, phone charm, leggings and a bag. I thought the bag would've been a bit bigger tbh but that was due to me judging it by the picture and not reading the measurements properly ^^;; It's still a very cute bag, it's made from a nice thick waterproof material.
Overall Bodyline orders, not much to say apart from leggings reaches the middle of my calf (I was hoping it would be longer), phone charm is soft and adorable, shoes fit me perfectly (size 23.5) I didn't have to buy a size larger/smaller, and the dress is a lovely soft chiffon material, lace is standard Bodyline lace which I actually quite like. The fitting is a bit odd though, I think it's supposed to be a babydoll style of dress but Joe has said it made me look pregnant :( Here's how it looks, lighting in my room is horrible and I tried to hide my arms so that I wouldn't flatten the skirt part:

With petti

Without petti and without derp face

Thursday I met up with a group of friends for a day of frolicking in Portsmouth, I didn't know the Christmas lights were being switched on that day so it was a nice surprise ^^ We met up quite late into the evening so not much frolicking was actually done haha but the time that we did have was still very nice. We did a bit of (window) shopping as we waited for Rosanna and her boyfriend. When they arrived we went to watch the lights switch on, but because the Christmas market was open that day it brightened up the area making the Christmas lights less impressive. There were a lot of half-assed cheers and clapping and quite a few disappointed comments, pretty standard for Portsmouth, I can't say I was surprised. 

River, Christian Kiri's bf), Kiri and Rosanna

After that we went to the Hong Kong Tea Bar just round the corner for chinese food (all I ever seem to eat out is chinese food lately! I must secretly be missing my mum's cooking)

Bobby and Christian are absolutely thrilled

Beautiful girlies, sadly River had to leave us shortly after feeling ill.
Glad you're feeling a bit better now! xxxx

Me and the wonderful Rosanna!
By the time we finished it was almost 8pm, Rosanna and Bobby were supposed to meet a friend near the Portsmouth University library so we decided to head that way but found out the place finished at 7pm, fail =.=;; So we called it a day and Bobby drove us to Gunwharf where I got my train and Kiri and Christian got their ferry. Trains to Winchester weren't as frequent so I had to wait 45 minutes, luckily the station was almost deserted so I wasn't too scared.

My purchases of the day:
Lush- Snow Fairy, my favourite product from their store, it smells absolutely divine!
And chinese snackies, the chocolate Pocky was supposed to be for a friend but I forgot to give it to him, oops! The big packet is seaweed, yum yum =w= <3

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Creative streak and new buys

After spending the majority of my day in bed yesterday due to being ill, I was itching to be creative (not before a spot of online shopping!) My boyfriend bought me some white Shrinkies the other day and so I played around with some designs, I'm waiting for my glue gun to arrive before I turn these into accessories, can't wait! I also made my own Kreepsville's eyeball hairclip/ties and cleaver pendant, I can't afford the originals ;__; I've been wanting the eyeball hair thingies ever since I saw how effin cute they looked on Kyary! <3

Also you may be wondering what the pixeled bits are...well, that's a secret ;D The drawing isn't finished yet, I need to add colour but I like to show my wip, also half the time my painting always looks worse than the lineart, I just wanted to show you guys before I manage to screw up =w=;;;
This morning I did a bit of clothes shopping since my wardrobe seriously lacks winter clothes! I was so chuffed with what I got though, hooray for sales! Original price would've been over £50 minus the sale and discount codes but I only had to pay £20 inc shipping, so happy!
The beige and black jumpers were only £1.99 each! Tights were from the kids section since it's hard to find adult white tights :( Because I'm so short I can fit the 12-14yr sizes =_=;; And the cardi is just plain cuteness <3
The codes I used all came from here but H&M only allows 2 codes per order. Hope you find them useful! ^^