Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Busy busy busy busy

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year! Sorry I haven't been posting at all since last month, I spent the majority of my christmas break at my parents. In that time I have spent nearly all my money, slept and ate a lot and gained a few inches round my waistline, great end to 2011! :D 
Also my parents decided to give us an extra bed early December, now we don't have to fight over the covers or space, yay!

Pink Christmas tree and pressies (all Joe's apart from one)

Also I went to another lolita meet on the 3rd December, unfortunately I didn't take as many pictures as I would've liked to since it was incredibly busy but here's the article and some pictures: Follow me!
And here's some bigger pictures:

Mmmmm breakfast <3

Kyra's awesome carriage bag, the wheels spin!

This sign screams "I'll fill mine with your blood and organs"

My co-ord! Trying out different styles and Monika's gift, she's such a sweetheart! <3

 Again, apologies for the super long 'break'!


  1. (OwO) Looks like loads of fun ~
    I want to go to a big lolita meet sometime =w= you all seem so much nicer then alot of the gyaru girls hahaha >3>; <3

  2. hehe thank you, it was ^^
    And I really hope you can make it to one sometime this year too! I am more than happy to lend you an outfit ;D And I think we get our fair share of meanies...maybe not to the extent of the gyaru's though, I'd still like to attend a gyaru meet though, would be an experience ;D

  3. Oh, you all looked so cute! * O * <333 That drink with the whipped cream on to can come to me now. I need it in my life.

    That Joe joins you to many (if not all) meets is so sweet of him! O: Haven't met many guys that join their girlfriends to something like this.

  4. Ah, I juss came across your blog:P Is that your room in the picture? Love how it looks <3 Looks so comfy^^