Tuesday, 7 February 2012

VW replica bag- Loli Loli Paradise

On January 11th I went on Loli Loli Paradise on facebook as I've been wanting a black bag for a while and had my eye on the Vivienne Westwood replica which can be found Here <3
So I shot them an email and they replied within a few hours and asked if they would bring the price down from £37 to £35 but the only gave discounts if you buy more than 3 things. So I paid on the 12th Jan and she told me it would take 15-30 days to arrive. Having bought many things from overseas I had expected the bag to arrive around February time but much to my surprise it arrived on the 23rd January! And here it is:

Big bubble envelope :D 

It has the logo on the little button things and on the zipper :D

The back, there's a dent from the strap but it's disappeared now

Inside material, the VW orb logo everywhere, even has a little gold plate on the inside pocket!

Side straps ^^

It's such a beautiful replica! Every detail is immaculate, I actually went onto google straight away to find the real thing to compare >_< I didn't even know this bag has gold glitter as I couldn't see it in the stock image, but it's exactly the same as the original. Needless to say I used this bag straight away, it's very sturdy and stiff so I have to pry the bag wide apart when I need to get something out/put something in. But I'm so happy with this <3 Overall experience:
♥ Shipping+Packaging: 10/10 Bag arrived in pristine condition :)
♥ Communication: 10/10 Super fast replies
♥ Quality of bag: 10/10 Every detail is perfect, this is going to last me forever


  1. Ah! Love this. Replica or not, it's amazingly accurate. I'd love one myself.

  2. That is a beautiful bag, Wai-yi~ ♥

  3. That bag is so pretty!!! :-)