Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bradford on Avon meet and rubbish Fairy-Kei attempt

Not a lot have happened lately, apart from Joe's birthday and going to Southampton for a bit of shopping. 
But I wrote another article for the Bradford On Avon meet which you can read here:- YATTA!
There's also a interview video that Hatchi had made, unfortunately my part is inaudible due to the wind :<

Outfit rundown: Kawaiigoods Bear Hat and accessories, Cute as Candy Lilac t-shirt, Angelic pretty Fruits parlor mini skirt, Ap socks and VWxMelissa replica shoes, handmade collar (not by me)

Anyway since my previous posts have been pretty long I'll try and keep this short :)
I attempted Fairy-Kei today as my Cute as Candy t-shirt arrived on Wednesday, and I also realised I have a huge shortage of cute accessories, I also decorated an old pair of glasses with little crafty bits, ta-da!

 Cute as Candy T-shirt, can be bought here <3 
Also bought a hoodie with wings on the back, you can kinda see the right wing ^^


  1. fffffffffffffffffff THAT'S SO ADORABLE RCTVYBJK

  2. hngg you're so darn adorable (TwT) I can't wait to steal yo- I mean... wut :3
    Cute new things ;D the winged hoodies are so cool >:3 /jelly

  3. Ahhh thank you Delisya and River <3
    ahaha It wouldn't be stealing, I'd willingly come live with you and we'll both bug Aurora with MLP music =w= hehe
    And I love that hoodie so much OwO it's so warm!

  4. You are adorable.
    I love that hat, and the decoration to your frames, which reminded me to do my shades before Summer! (´・ω・`)
    Love the hoodie too!(*´Д`)

  5. awh i really like your fairy kei outfit! cute as ever ^^

  6. Ugh you are too adorable! Wish I could pull off fairy-kei as well as you do!