Monday, 23 January 2012

Part 2 AP Lucky pack! A la carte Tea Time Odekake *lots of pictures*

Such a long name *_* But I finally received my pack after spending 3 days in customs, and what more? It arrived on my birthday! :D Customs was a bit of a bitch and costed me £57 but it was either pay up or never see my package ever again *sigh* So here's the box: (Be warned, my bed is messy. It was the day before my deadline...crummy birthday I know, celebrated with uni work and Dominoe's pizza, yay)

They included a small care sheet on how to wash your items/store them etc. I was also given a Angelic pretty sticker :D haha
And the massive pink bag that everything was packed in

My itemssssss! <3 <3 Excuse the Haribo's, Joe bought it for me as a birthday treat lol

First item I opened was my bag, I absolutely love it! It's so soft and big enough to fit what I need in there, it's perfect <3 I have also been dying for a black bag since..forever <3

It has 2 hidden pockets inside, and 2 outside as well! And the zipper is a cute little heart 

Soft socks ^.^ And the headbow

And finally, my jsk! I am very happy with this dress (and this pack overall) I'm sure by now everyone is familiar with AP's quality, so I won't ramble on :) I was a bit apprehensive at first that it would be too long on me like my BTSSB ones but I wore this to a lolita meet on Saturday and I was quite pleased with how it looked :D

The print and the custom lace, it has a spoon and fork motif! <3

Scalloped front, waist bow isn't detachable like the pink jsk

But the straps are adjustable, since it isn't shirred, the buttons are the normal clear ones
And shirred at the back ^^ This jsk fits like a glove

I think i would've like to have little black bows on the back, might add it in myself when I can be bothered, scalloped waist ties, the buttons are little heart 'pearl's'

No picture but jsk has pockets and has it's own in-built petticoat, and fully lined:

I love this pack so much, I don't think I've ever paid for any clothes this expensive before, the entire thing has cost me around £300 but I plan to keep everything and love it with everything I've got. x] Joe did offer to pay for this as a birthday present but I downright refused, I would feel so guilty..I don't think I'll ever forgive myself! 

(My outfit for the Bradford On Avon meet)

Instead he bought me a pair of New Rock boots that I have had my eye on for a while, luckily I managed to find the exact same pair on ebay a week before my birthday and for half the price, I was over the moon, I'm now a few inches taller, yay :D (I do love the contrast)

As the saying goes, a girl can never have too many shoes...I bought a pair of winged heels at the beginning of the month and it arrived last week, I can't wait to wear these out. I think they're rather sexy ;)
Can't believe I'm 21.....I still feel like I'm 16 ;___;


  1. I love angelic pretty lucky packs *^*! So sad to me because i tall for wear them hahaha.

    You look beautiful with you lucky pack.

    Sorry for my english !

  2. Aaaaaa ; o ; You always look so adorable in your dresses! Food on yo dress~ doesn't that make you hungry? Haha!

  3. dat bag =w= oh gurrrrrl ~ <3
    I love lolita socks haha they are so cute :3
    >:3 you always look so darn cute! haha, love the dress =3=

  4. Love this pack, you looked so cute in it!!

    Hmm, I didn't get a sticker or care sheet with my packs =/ odd!

  5. You look SO cute in this Co-ord! *___* I love it! It's so you! <3 And those shoes!!! <3 Licks laptop screen... ha! O____O

  6. Wow just found your blog and you look really cute in Lolita! <3
    Check out mine too if you want! :)