Saturday, 12 November 2011

Creative streak and new buys

After spending the majority of my day in bed yesterday due to being ill, I was itching to be creative (not before a spot of online shopping!) My boyfriend bought me some white Shrinkies the other day and so I played around with some designs, I'm waiting for my glue gun to arrive before I turn these into accessories, can't wait! I also made my own Kreepsville's eyeball hairclip/ties and cleaver pendant, I can't afford the originals ;__; I've been wanting the eyeball hair thingies ever since I saw how effin cute they looked on Kyary! <3

Also you may be wondering what the pixeled bits are...well, that's a secret ;D The drawing isn't finished yet, I need to add colour but I like to show my wip, also half the time my painting always looks worse than the lineart, I just wanted to show you guys before I manage to screw up =w=;;;
This morning I did a bit of clothes shopping since my wardrobe seriously lacks winter clothes! I was so chuffed with what I got though, hooray for sales! Original price would've been over £50 minus the sale and discount codes but I only had to pay £20 inc shipping, so happy!
The beige and black jumpers were only £1.99 each! Tights were from the kids section since it's hard to find adult white tights :( Because I'm so short I can fit the 12-14yr sizes =_=;; And the cardi is just plain cuteness <3
The codes I used all came from here but H&M only allows 2 codes per order. Hope you find them useful! ^^


  1. Loving the eyeball hair clip ;D
    and WOW you got some deals!

  2. hehe thank you ^^ I can't wait to wear them, I need to take a trip to fabric land and get more colours :3

  3. I love the kreepsville bow. *_* And the grey cardigan!