Saturday, 19 November 2011

Exciting few days *image heavy*

Sorry I haven't been posting at all this week, I have been pretty busy!
On Wednesday I went to Southampton with my fellow "asian crew" for some dim sum and shopping, sadly I didn't bring bring my camera with me as it didn't have batteries :(  But this is what I got:

Primark boots and winter socks!

Also I joined a Bodyline GO about 3 months ago and it had finally arrived! Because the group order was so big they had to send it via sea mail, and I took advantage of the $1 shipping on Bodyline last week, it only took 4 days to arrive! :D Ever since I saw this dress on the website I've been very curious as to how it looked in person so I took a gamble and bought it along with a pair of shoes, phone charm, leggings and a bag. I thought the bag would've been a bit bigger tbh but that was due to me judging it by the picture and not reading the measurements properly ^^;; It's still a very cute bag, it's made from a nice thick waterproof material.
Overall Bodyline orders, not much to say apart from leggings reaches the middle of my calf (I was hoping it would be longer), phone charm is soft and adorable, shoes fit me perfectly (size 23.5) I didn't have to buy a size larger/smaller, and the dress is a lovely soft chiffon material, lace is standard Bodyline lace which I actually quite like. The fitting is a bit odd though, I think it's supposed to be a babydoll style of dress but Joe has said it made me look pregnant :( Here's how it looks, lighting in my room is horrible and I tried to hide my arms so that I wouldn't flatten the skirt part:

With petti

Without petti and without derp face

Thursday I met up with a group of friends for a day of frolicking in Portsmouth, I didn't know the Christmas lights were being switched on that day so it was a nice surprise ^^ We met up quite late into the evening so not much frolicking was actually done haha but the time that we did have was still very nice. We did a bit of (window) shopping as we waited for Rosanna and her boyfriend. When they arrived we went to watch the lights switch on, but because the Christmas market was open that day it brightened up the area making the Christmas lights less impressive. There were a lot of half-assed cheers and clapping and quite a few disappointed comments, pretty standard for Portsmouth, I can't say I was surprised. 

River, Christian Kiri's bf), Kiri and Rosanna

After that we went to the Hong Kong Tea Bar just round the corner for chinese food (all I ever seem to eat out is chinese food lately! I must secretly be missing my mum's cooking)

Bobby and Christian are absolutely thrilled

Beautiful girlies, sadly River had to leave us shortly after feeling ill.
Glad you're feeling a bit better now! xxxx

Me and the wonderful Rosanna!
By the time we finished it was almost 8pm, Rosanna and Bobby were supposed to meet a friend near the Portsmouth University library so we decided to head that way but found out the place finished at 7pm, fail =.=;; So we called it a day and Bobby drove us to Gunwharf where I got my train and Kiri and Christian got their ferry. Trains to Winchester weren't as frequent so I had to wait 45 minutes, luckily the station was almost deserted so I wasn't too scared.

My purchases of the day:
Lush- Snow Fairy, my favourite product from their store, it smells absolutely divine!
And chinese snackies, the chocolate Pocky was supposed to be for a friend but I forgot to give it to him, oops! The big packet is seaweed, yum yum =w= <3


  1. I love your shopping haul, it's so cute ~~

  2. Aww thank you! I can't wait to wear everything :D

  3. Yayyyyyy~ So much fun (=w=)
    We need to go out during the day next time when its sunny :P heehee, we'll get some lovely photos and such ;Dx x x