Thursday, 24 November 2011

2nd Gyaru attempt

Yet again I've had a few busy days, uni has started up and I've been re-arranging our bedroom since my parents decided to give me my extra bed from home, hooray for more sleeping space!
And my final *for now* ebay haul arrived yesterday, I love that bag so much! Not so keen on the jacket though, it's so long on me :( Might have to sell it soon.

Today I managed to get some free hours to try out another gyaru look, I found a thread on cgl filled with make-up scans, my outcome dun dun dun.... 

Does goth gal exist? I tried to be less heavy on the be honest I preferred my first attempt >.< What do you guys think?

Also bleached my hair today but it went horribly wrong, note to self: Strip away previous dye before bleaching. I have 5 different orange tones in my hair =_=;;

Edit: one without lippy:


  1. This is cute ~ :D
    Alot of gal styles stick with nude lip colours- BUT there are some that rock the darker ones ;D
    There is like "dark" style gyarus, but I think it looks hard to pull off >w<
    None the less you look adorable O3O <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. hehe yeah I did think that, I thought I'd go heavy on the lips and more boring on the eyes...maybe that's why I like this look less?
    I want a deep red/purple-ish lipstick, I look ill without colour on my lips =u=;;; I am particularly fond of Nonoka Iwata though :D
    Thanks for the tip!! ^.^ <3333

  3. Wow that makeup suits you so well *__* Really love the lipstick, which brand are you using?

  4. Awww thank you! <3
    I'm using Rimmel London 058- drop of sherry ^^

  5. WOW You rocked the tinted lips gyaru!
    I don't like the idea that some people have that gyaru make up HAS to be nude/light.

    Sometimes some lipstick gives it more POP.

  6. Thank you Yua :D
    I prefer to wear lipstick because my lips are so pale without ;__;