Thursday, 6 October 2011

GEO Angel Green *Circle Lens*

Ever since I started wearing contacts in 2009 I got bored of my plain ones and wanted a change, then I discovered circle lenses! I did lots of research on the internet about the pros and cons, different types available and trusted sellers. Finally I settled on Pinky Paradise after reading lots of good reviews.
I bought these prescribed to -2.50 on the 6th October 2010 and they arrived on the 14th! So super quick delivery for a company that’s overseas and ships prescribed lenses! These costed £18.68 including p+p and came with these free super cute lens cases!

Soak for 6+ hours
  No Flash
With Flash
As you can see in daylight they’re quite a bright but natural colour and just a tad bit brighter with flash. I have had some dude ask me whether they were my natural eye colour or not, which for an asian person like myself, would be kinda cool to have an eye colour other than brown. So I guess it’s natural enough, although the guy was pretty drunk so I don’t know if that counts? As for the comfort factor I don’t know if it’s because they’re prescribed or not but my eyes do feel a little irritated after 4-5 hours but 6+ hours later they feel fine, I guess I just have weird eyes ^^
So my verdict? The shipping was uber fast, I’d buy from them again if I was in a hurry, and they do sell 100% genuine lenses. The lenses themselves do enlarge your eyes and with the outer black rim it really makes your eyes pop, and sometimes they feel a little uncomfortable but nothing a few rubs won't sort out. But these aren't the largest pair I own.
♥ Shipping+Packaging: 10/10
♥ Enlargement: 9/10 

♥ Comfort: 7/10
♥ Value for money: 9/10


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  2. Your eyes look so huge!! You are gorgeous btw, so cute!!


  3. Awwww thank you sweetie :D