Friday, 21 October 2011

Kawaii Goods review *lots of pictures*

On the 18th September I placed an order with a friend , Kiri, for 2 Fuzzy deco bear hat lucky packs, we saw it advertised on the facebook lolita english sale. Including shipping the total price was $81 (£53). Shortly after paying I received an email from them asking since I bought 2 hats did I want one in pink and the other in white so I messaged Kiri and we decided to have both in white. It was nice of them to ask though! The estimated shipping time was 10 days but they kept sending me emails about the status of my order which for 2 days it was still being processed, then 3 days after paying they sent me an email asking for my address :S After the dilly dallying they finally sent off my order on the 24th and on the 1st October I received my package!

Battered but secure envelope and the lucky packs in one plastic bag

LP1 and LP2
Kiri wanted the first one and I wanted the 2nd one, everybody's happy! :D

Lucky Pack 1
A few close ups of the bows and accessories, this one included a black fabric purse, white netted bow, yellow rabbit ring, Milk charm and a cameo bunny necklace. Everything was stuck down with hot glue, this pack went to Kiri :) 

Lucky Pack 2
My pack! Mine came with a blue fabric purse, cute fabric bow, a mint swirly dessert ring, chocolate lolly phone charm and a blue bunny pill necklace. Both hats also come with their own individual bow clip!

This was my first order placed with Kawaii Goods and I thought that £26 for the Bear hat Lucky pack was pretty decent, I think the bear hat made up for the other items's value, it's really soft and cosy, though because the ears are so big the hat tends to topple off your head if you move too quickly. The fabric bows are also really soft and well made! I was happy with my purchase and everything was indeed kawaii.

2nd Order

And because I was so pleased with my first order I decided to place a second order with them, this time through their etsy on the 11th October. After aww-ing and hngg-ing at all their items I settled on the Fuzzy Shooting Star, Dreamy heart star and another lucky pack (The Deco 2-way Bow pack) The total price incl shipping was $32 (£21) and this time I didn't get bombarded with emails, in fact I only got one message on my etsy account telling me they had shipped it shortly after I had paid. The package arrived on the 18th Oct and this was what I found :)

Pretty tape covering an old envelope

3 bows, my clips (love them so much) 2 rings (though one broke during shipping) lolly clip and a pony fabric piece :S

Bow Lucky pack
These are really cute and again really soft! The fabrics seemed to be chosen at random and have quite a bed-timey feel about them, like pyjama material/bed sheets? They're all very well sewn too and made from nice thick quality materials. The only fault I can find though is the Minnie Mouse bow, one side is bigger than the other and one corner seems to flip outwards, no matter how much I keep it held back it refuses to stay right :( But hey, it's called a lucky pack for a reason right? 

I was also quite sad that the ring had broken, I say ring but it's actually a badge minus the pin back....which makes it quite uncomfortable to wear. The rest of the pack is lovely though and very cute as random as it may be (pony fabric??) I can't wait to decorate my bags and outfits with these!  

Like my first order, everything is stuck down with hot glue and there were quite a lot of stringy glue everywhere. My favourite are the clips though, they are adorable! The stars and heart is made of plastic so it's quite sturdy. The pink chain on the shooting star clip is also quite unsual, it looks like rope but when you touch it it's solid, I can't think of what to call it, but the differences in chains is really nice touch. All the rings are adjustable too which is fantastic since I have thin fingers, even a size S is too big for me.

Overall I am pleased with my purchases but I'd wait a while before buying more from them. I can't wait til it's properly Winter, although it's been cold lately it's not been cold enough for me to wear my hat! Also need to sort out my wardrobe and make room for more pastel colours as I feel I need to wear something cute with those bows and clips, maybe it's time I invested in some Fair Kei outfits?

My Verdict:

Communication: 9/10   1st order, too much unwanted mail, I don't need 4 emails telling me my order is processing and then asking me to confirm 2 identical address's, I felt like they were sending emails to stall the shipment period.
 Shipping and packaging: 10/10   They arrived a lot quicker than estimated and packaging was secure
 Quality: 9/10    Everything lived up to the store name, bows are a bit repetitive though
Value for money: 10/10    You definitely get what you paid for (and possibly more!) it's all a matter of opinion but I am super pleased with what I received


  1. I love my bear hat! I have worn it today! :D
    I think that review was perfecto, I'd have said exactly the same things! :) Lovely to see your kawaii additions sooo cuttee :D I must say.. My hat's bow was the best best bit of mine ;) so I can see why you got more! :D xx