Monday, 17 October 2011

Lolita craft exchange!

In August I joined a lolita craft exchange group on facebook, about 30 of us attended and one by one we were paired up. My craft partner was Sam and she specializes in making deco sweet accessories, when I saw her stuff I was so worried I wouldn't be able to produce anything to match her talent!
Examples of her work
We introduced each other, and since the craft exchange was hosted on facebook we only managed to communicate via online (though hopefully I will be able to meet her one day) and we described what each of us wanted/what our interests were. After exchanging a few messages we went to work on our craft items, she was going to make me a headress for my then-new Mother Goose and I was going to paint her a picture incorporating her favourite print- Midsummer Night's Sky. I painted this jsk-

By October we managed to finish each other's items (although we kind of missed the deadline- 18th Sept, oops!) and sent each other proof photos. I couldn't have had a better craft buddy, the headdress she had made from scratch for me was so beautiful! Whilst we were waiting to receive our things in the post I was fretting whether she would love my painting as much as I loved her headdress, but luckily she loved it! This is what I received and much to my surprise she threw in a few adorable bonus's!
And my painting! I used glitter and silver pen on some parts, which my camera failed to pick up, unfortunately the frame smashed upon arriving at her house cos the postman failed to understand what "Fragile" meant and bunged it through the door ¬_¬


Click for enlargement

All in all the exchange was a huge success, Sam is such a wonderful girl with great talent and attention to detail and the crafts made by the other loli's were also very nice. I had a great time painting since uni disapproves of the anime/manga style I felt like I could finally let go and enjoy myself painting my biggest passion. Just wanted to thank those who made the exchange possible and of course, my biggest thanks go to Sam <3
Hope there will be another one in the coming months!


  1. Everything is so cute!

    The painting is absolutely stunning, too! Wish I could produce such lovely art!


  2. That painting is gorgeous. I am sooo jealous.