Tuesday, 11 October 2011

GEO Nudy Pink *Circle Lenses*

(This review is about a year old, but nothing's changed since)    

Bought from http://www.facebook.com/fotdlooks.shop
So I woke up this morning and after waiting for 2 days (order placed on Sunday) I was over the moon to find a little parcel on my door mat. After waiting months for some prescribed GEO lenses that I ordered in August I got a little bit desperate and bought a pair of plano(non-prescription) lenses from the wonderful Samantha who runs the online-store :} 

These were £14 including p+p which are awesome as some lenses charge £20 and no p+p! This pair came with a free lens case! :D  

In soak again for 6+ hours

 No Flash

With Flash

As for the appearance of these lenses, it’s not so crazy from a far distance but close up they are amazing! :D As I have deep brown eyes the colour is a dark pink and not extremely vibrant, it blends wonderfully with my dark eyes and doesn’t make your eyes POP like some lenses do, which is fine by me. The 'halo' is also quite noticeable especially in natural daylight, but I think it looks pretty cool that way!
Overall I’d definitely recommend FOTDLOOKS to anyone who lives in the UK :D As I ordered plano lenses the delivery was quick, these lenses are genuine, you can check the authenticity code at http://www.fw1860.com/en/ and they are so comfortable to wear! And much easier to put in and take out than my normal everyday contacts. I love them and can’t wait to receive my others that I bought :}

♥ Shipping+Packaging: 10/10
♥ Enlargement: 10/10 
♥ Comfort: 10/10
♥ Value for money: 10/10


  1. Not as cute as you Barbie Pinks! <3 :D
    You should definitely wear them at our first gathering ;)