Monday, 9 January 2012

AP Lucky packs!

Not much has happened these past few days and my blog seems a bit...empty.
But I know what I'm looking forward to this week!
I think I went a little bit crazy with my money but it's my birthday coming up so I'm using that as an excuse to buy myself, ahem....2 presents.
During Christmas and New Years AP launched their Japanese and Oversea Lucky Packs and since I've been into Lolita for a good 3+ years I thought it might be time I invested in my first hand 'Burando'. And luckily a wonderful loli was offering help with ordering the Japanese LP's so I jumped right in and literally begged her to take my money (thanks btw Kyra..if you're reading this!) 
Unfortunately the main pack I wanted had sold out :'(

So my second choice was this set...which had also sold out in black ;__;
But I got the pink set in the end as the $150 was all that I could afford.
The socks are just adorable though! 

So me and Kyra exchanged info etc and got all the payments finished today! Hooray, I cannot thank this girl enough <3 :D
Yesterday I was browsing round the net and lurking the comms and the Lucky Pack LJ in hopes to see if anyone has received their packs yet then noticed a post that AP has put up more Lucky Packs *my bank is weeping* thus led me to buy this in black.....

I felt a little sick to be honest that I have spent so much in less than 3 weeks....but I have chucked a load of money into my savings which I can't get into as I left my savings account booklet with my mum so let's hope that will save me.....
I am so excited though! Sorry for rambling on a bit...I will go shoot some zombies now.....


  1. awwwh those clothes look so cute =w=
    >:3 I'm planning to buy wigs and lashes soooon <3
    Hope your feeling okay girl :3
    ;D you kill dem zombies ~ xx

  2. YAAAY! Angelic Pretty Lucky Packs are addicting though...

    I wanted the salopette set in black too, but I ended up with it in pink! I think everyone went for that one Dx

  3. Thank you River owo Yay, have you decided which lashes you're getting and the wig style? :D You must let your hair rest a while! aha
    I suck so bad at L4D, I shot my teammates more than I shot zombies =_=;;

    Omg Abbey, you're so lucky you managed to grab a salopette pack! It sold out sooo quickly...maybe cos it's such a cute set >_<