Friday, 6 January 2012

My Loli wardrobe

Since this month's theme on EGL is wardrobe posts I thought I'd take mine here onto my blog (tbh I don't feel like mine's even on par to the posts on the comm) haha
I've been into lolita for well over 3 years now but since moving out for uni I hadn't had a chance or room to start collecting my own pieces so I went a little wild when I moved into Winchester in 2010. And here's my collection since then! (listed from left to right)

AP, Meta, offbrand, Bodyline, Claire's Accessories, Primark x2, Bodyline x3 (I dyed the pink ones lilac by accident in the wash ;__;)

Pink- Bodyline, B&W- GLP, Black- ebay

Top: Bodyline x 3, DoL
Bottom: H&M, Primark

Oo Jia- Vampire Requiem replica, Bodyline- Puppy apron...thing, Bodyline- Love Nadia 

Bodyline x2, GLP

H&M, Bodyline, GLP, offbrand

Bodyline floral babydoll jsk, BTSSB- Starry Sky of Mother Goose, Bodyline blue polka dot jsk

DoL Fantastic Dolly replica, BTSSB- Alice Chess babydoll jsk, Meta- Vintage Cherry A-Line jsk

Bodyline chiffon floral OP, BTSSB- Merry Sweet Castle, AP- Jewelry Jelly 

Top: Bodyline x2, GLP, T.U.K
Middle: Bodyline, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa replica, Bodyline, Montreal
Bottom: Offbrand, AnTaiNa, Bodyline 

Top: DoL, Bodyline x 2, black heart- Claire's Accessories
Bottom: BTSSB x 2 (pink shoulder bag and blue tote), AP- blue bag, Bodyline- small bag with pink bow

Head accessories!
 And that's my wardrobe! I hope you enjoyed looking, I know it's not much but I love it to bits, but being the greedy thing I am I'm positive it will only carry on expanding from here onwards ;)

Wearing my Christmas present from Joe <3
Starting to love brown....


  1. wow! u hav a lot of cute lolita items!
    I luv the head accessories- especially the red and white polka dot bow. Like minnie mouse=^_^=/

  2. haha thank you! :D
    Yes! That set would make a cute Minnie Mouse outfit <3

  3. Yay! I'm glad I saw this on your FB otherwise I wouldn't have known you have a blogspot blog! :D I'm no longer on LJ (except for the sales community) so it's great finding lolitas on here.

    Aww your Joe is such a sweetheart! You look so cute in your new dress and brown looks great on you <3 I've been wearing too much brown lately too in both Classic and Sweet.

  4. hehe thank you Tania :D I would love to see yours! You have so many beautiful pieces, I keep seeing your outfit posts and just staring in awe lol
    And I shall let Joe know the loli's approve of his present ;D haha

  5. I could eat your wardrobe OwO How ever I don't think you would be too pleased ;___; I love your wardrobe it cris croses between sweet and bitter sweet and gothic <3 Which you look amazing in all of! <3 That brown dress on you is lovely! Can't wait for our next Keki meet ^_^ needs to be a dress up make up day I think! <3 :D

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