Sunday, 22 January 2012

Part 1 AP Lucky pack! Pink jsk set *lots of pictures*

Firstly, I wanted to say sorry for not posting an awful lot this month! I had uni deadlines so I haven't really had time to update, not that I would have had anything interesting to say since I was working and sleeping most the time. But my hand-in was Friday so I am freeeeee!
My Lucky Pack came on Monday 16th January, and I was so relieved I didn't get hit by customs for this pack! The other one, not so lucky, but I'll save that for the next post ;) As I had asked Kyra to help me order this I didn't get a tracking number, so it was a total surprise when Parcelforce turned up at my door! Without further ado I busted through my bedroom door and plopped the box on my bed and slowly peeled it open:


The socks are so soft <3 The headbow is simple but cute, the lace is actually similar to the ones that Bodyline uses, pretty standard stuff.

Back of bow and pink bag, since the stock image on AP only showed the black set I had expected the pink tote to be a lot lighter. It's sturdy and has a very cute print.

Blouse is thin but adorable, also ever so slightly see through and no shirring so it's a little baggy on me, I don't own any AP blouses so I don't have any to compare it with. It uses 3 different types of lace:

The collar has birthday cakes

The sleeve and the front has different heart motif's

The pink JSK! Sorry it's wrinkly, I was in the middle of doing uni work so had no time to iron  it ;_;
I have mixed feelings on this dress as I very rarely wear pink, it might be too sweet for me. But it most certainly is cute /I need a different adjective/

Shoot me for saying this but just looking at it, I could pass it off as a Bodyline jsk (one of their nicer quality dresses) But I wasn't expecting anything stunningly amazing as this was one of the cheapest Lucky Pack's

Shirred straps, and the waist bow is detachable, ribbons on the front piece is for decoration only ^^

Shirring at the back and waist ties neatly folded

Heart shaped buttons :D The straps aren't detachable like my other AP jsk

I love the fact they also put pockets in their dresses, makes life so much easier!

Built in mini petticoat, there is also a white thread connecting the dress to the petti

The whole dress is also fully lined, and the tag is in skirt part

And my co-ord! I was so tired that day, forgive my face >_<

*edit: I spoke too soon, I got a Duty/Tax invoice today for this set =_=;; orz


  1. awwwh such cute things (O3O)
    you looks adorable in it aswell! :D <3
    You make me wanna try lolita >w< haha x x

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOO That looks so cute on you! I wish gyaru stores brands had lucky packs, haha!

    Like River ssaid, you're making me wanna try lolita xD Even though I'll look like a man in drag (I always do huuu). Kodona is fun, though *o*.

  3. You're always too sweet River =w= <33 Thank you!
    And you're very welcome to try on my clothes ;D Maybe one day when all the keki's come up we'll play dress up :D haha

    And who knows, Delisya, maybe one day they will? ;D And you're also very welcome to come to the UK and wear my clothes! :D ahaha I don't think you can ever look like a man in drag D: