Tuesday, 1 November 2011

MCM Expo 29 October

On Saturday me and a couple of friends went to London MCM Expo, sadly we only went for one day but it was awesome nonetheless. A month ago I wanted to cosplay Black Rock Shooter but my outfit didn't arrive in time so I went in my usual loli stuff! My makeup and outfit for the day ^^:

Wearing my GEO Nudy Blue's
JSK: 'Starry sky of mother goose' BTSSB
Blouse, socks, headbow: Bodyline
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Montreal
Accessories: AP Wonder Cookie necklace, offbrand and handmade

We were meant to meet at Winchester station for 9am but Joe and I got there at 20 past so ended up missing the 9.18 train ;__; (sorry girls!) Luckily there was another one at 35 past. Skipping the travel bit...dum de dum....

Kat (Len Kagamine) and Chai (soon to be crossdressing Ciel) Summer (I lent her my lolita stuff)

Around 12:30 we arrived at the expo! Unfortunately I missed the lolita meet which I was really looking forward to but oh well, the girls and I toddled off to the bathroom to fix ourselves up (and for Chai to get in her massive Ciel dress). As we were going into the ladies we almost ran into Samwise Gamgee, we had to double check it was the right loos, only at expos would you question the toilet signs and the occupants =w=
After we got ready we spent another hour being lost in the place, as always the ticket bit was at the very end hall (not the front?) luckily the que was almost non existent since we bought early entry tickets.

Probably the best Ciel that day <3

 Since some of us hadn't had breakfast we thought food would be a perfect time, noodle time! The food is quite expensive(cheapest noodles were £5 for a small box!) in there but it was yummy...and messy D:

Joe, Chai, Summer, Kat and Spy! 

Once our tummies were full and our legs well rested we set off to the dealers room, it was a lot bigger than last time I went in May 2010. There were two huge halls this time, the main one included the dealers, games and art tables and in the room next door was all things movie and tv related. Even though the rooms were bigger it was still super busy! We tried our best to ignore the heat and the lingering smell of b.o but we had a great time ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing at all the amazing cosplays (and giggling at the not so great). everytime Kat saw a Hello Kitty/Len and Kaito related thing she would squeal and stroke it lovingly (even the cosplayers) so we spent about 3 hours browsing things. Eventually I found a familiar face amongst the crowd: Rosanna! And her boyfriend Bobby, who manned the Tofu Cute stall. So I stopped and chit chatted with the lovely girl whilst my friends and Joe went to the ATM to get money, it took them a while as the que was stupidly long! 

Bobby and Rosanna (honestly, I have never met such a lovely couple! They gave me a £3 discount! <3)
And me wearing their adorable mascot, Tofu hat :D
When Joe and the others returned we started drawing a crowd, every 5 minutes someone would come over and ask to take photos. We even managed to attract 2 more beautiful lolita's in BTSSB dresses :D Pretty soon I started seeing stars. @w@
Michelle owner of Roxie Sweetheart, Rosanna, Summer, one of the gorgeous loli's and moi (cries at my height ;__;)

 Soon we were on our way to the media area after Joe told me Warwick Davis was just round the corner, eeeepp! He'd probably hit me if I told him this but he was sooo cute! <3 

Joe living his dream, Davis adorable in pink <3 

Stupidly, that morning I forgot to take my spare camera battery so I had to use my camera sparingly, but we managed to stay until the very end of the expo and left just after 7pm. Highlight of the day? Everything! I thoroughly enjoyed my 2nd expo visit and cannot wait for the next one! Next time I think I'll cosplay, I would love to go for the entire weekend. Sorry I didn't explain much in this post, I found it rather hard to cram one day into as few passages as I can but I hope you enjoyed reading this <3 

Bye bye London </3

Left: Cute things from Tofu Cute orders over £15 free in the UK! 
Right: Beautiful necklace by Roxie Sweetheart fabulous designs <3


  1. Oh my gosh. That is so super duper cute!! You look gorgeous! <3

  2. you look stunning! such a lovely coord! upset i didnt get to again, im not having the best luck for events this year!

    Looks like you had loads of fun ^3^ <3

  4. Thank you everyone, I had a wonderful time! <3 I think I've got expo withdrawals now though :(
    And that's sad to hear Rebecca :( Not much left of this year! Maybe next year would be your event year? ^^ hehe

  5. I never get tired of looking at your gorgeous make up and co-ords <3 you must teach me in the way of eyes :) You looked like you had such a lovely time ^^ I wish I could have gone ^^ I can't wait to see you soon! <3 xx

  6. Awwww thank you Kiri! :D
    And we must have our make-up day/night soon, I'm itching to play :D lol
    Expo was really fun, sadly I won't be going to next may's one but I'll be going to Hyper Japan!
    See you next Tuesday! ^^