Wednesday, 9 November 2011

GEO Angel Grey & Violet GEO Nudy Blue *circle lenses*

A year ago I bought 3 pairs of lenses from  but since then their page has seemed a bit quiet. So my advice for now is don't buy from them until (if) they're a bit more active!
I just wanted to show the pictures, I don't know about you but whenever I want to buy new lenses I always want to see pictures of it worn to determine how the colour would look.

I placed a group order on the 24th August and they arrived on the 4th November but for $10 per pair I guess it was kind of worth the wait. I bought the GEO Nudy Blue, GEO Angel Gray and GEO Angel Violet, overall I spent £26.68 ($40.60) including shipping and packaging! So no surprise it didn't come with free lens case. Great communication and awesome prices but a very long wait. 

So blue lenses first, they’re still my most worn and most favourite ones :D They’re pretty vibrant in a natural way,  at first I got them and it looked so pale in the bottle I wasn’t convinced it’d make my eyes look any different, I was completely wrong, they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! They look very natural and it’s so comfy, if it wasn’t for the fact that these lenses help me see I would’ve forgotten I’m wearing them x] Enlargement is also quite good, I get a nice halo when I look certain directions:

No Flash
With Flash

Now the violet and grey ones-
Same series as my green ones, these aren’t as colourful as my blue nudy’s but the black rim around them makes your eyes look sharper, the colours look lovely in their vials but once they’re on dark eyes they loose their vibrancy, you can tell there’s still colour but it’s hard to tell when you’re in dark/dim places. When I first put them in they felt a bit uncomfortable but that’s probably because I have mild astigmatism and toric lenses are just too expensive for me >.< But after a few blinks they settle down nicely. I don't like these as much as my nudy blue's cos it’s just much more prettier ^^
As you can see once I put them in the violet has lost its'...violetness, it looks grey :(

 No Flash
With Flash


 No FlashWith Flash

So to keep this short here's my overall ratings
♥ Shipping+Packaging: 7/10 took way too long and although sent in bubblewrap it was almost bursting out of a flimsy envelope, only good thing is price! 
♥ Enlargement: 8/10 for the angel series and 10/10 for nudy
♥ Comfort: 7/10 again for angel 10/10 nudies
♥ Value for money: 10/10 £27 for 3 pairs inc shipping! 


  1. i love the blue ones, were those the ones you wore to southampton? i think i might go for some like that, love the highlight!

  2. Yes those were the ones!
    I've gone through 12 pairs of circle lenses and those blue ones are still my all time favourite! :) My friend suggests this site since they're doing a buy 2 get 1 free offer
    Wish I saw them before I ordered with Pinky Paradise 3 weeks ago ;__; Would've saved myself £30!

  3. Wow the nudy's look really good on you. I was also in that group order however I got a refund because it was taking too long. I don't recommend them, had to initiate action on paypal for them to respond. I used solution lens instead, it was 3 pairs for $40 incl shipping and they came with lens cases.

  4. Thank you for your review! I love the Geo Nudy series. I was wondering how the angel series looked and I would definitely try them out after seeing your review!