Thursday, 10 November 2011

'Doll' portrait shots and valentine!

Yesterday I helped Joe with his photography project which was to shoot a beauty portrait, his theme was dolls! So in the afternoon we went into the studio to set up and get myself all dolled up. Then a crazy ginger Irish bloke decided to join us a few hours later, we both know him as Josh. Josh's model turned up and I did her make up and because she was on a tight schedule we let them go first (if you hadn't of figured out yet he's Joe's friend.)
By 5pm it was our turn! Unfortunately we didn't do any full body shots since it's a beauty portrait and cos the photo's were so high quality (the camera body alone was worth £20,000!) it took ages to export.
I noticed my blog is very image-heavy so I'll upload my 2 favourites:

And Josh 'McCoy' 
Joe didn't want any photos of himself so I didn't get to nab any ¬_¬
Also this morning I found a Gyaru_valentine of me! That has really made my day so whoever made it thank you so much! OwO <3 I had a secret made of me on Sunday but I was expecting that to happen, I am a noob afterall ^^;; For some reason I can't see the secret anymore but here's the valentine!

I'm so happy ^.^ Thank you <3