Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire night 5th Nov

As I'm sure you all know, yesterday was bonfire night and since I missed out on the fireworks and bonfire celebration last year in Winchy I promised myself I wouldn't miss this year's!
To start off the day...well the afternoon in my case I decided to bake some cookies, I used Kitty Bonker's recipe from here, it's really simple even though I didn't have a rolling pin nor plain flour (instead I used self-raising since I normally bake cakes- BAD IDEA!) I intended to make Hello Kitty cookies but because they expanded so much they looked more like deformed silhouette kittie's! Ooops ^^;; lesson learnt! And because I used small cookie cutters I made lots of cookies and had to bake them in 2 separate batches, 1st came out well, the 2nd lot...not so much D:


Can you tell which ones were the 2nd batch? ¬_¬

After cookie baking me, Joe and our housemate hit the town for the fireworks, on our way down we saw a torch lit procession leading us to the grounds, it was a chilly night but the fire torches kept us warm. It was quite busy as well!

Around 7:15pm the Mayor lit the bonfire.
Tall people kept standing in front of me too which was annoying :(

Me and Joe (my camera works terribly in the dark)
Calvin (housemate) and Joe's kissy-face

And finally at 7:45-ish after the bonfire had gone out the fireworks started, it was a impressive display considering our town is rather small, so many pretty ones too! Joe took the photos as I was too small and had shaky hands :< 

This one reminded me of Howl's Moving Castle where Howl eats Calcifer~ omnomnom

And the grand finale!


  1. awwwh hahah the cookies are still cute none the less! :D
    and oooo fireworks =w=

  2. I promise I'll bake better ones next time and share it out with our keki group <3 Or I could bring my cookie cutters with me and we can all bake together! eeeep! <3 ^-^
    Did you and Connor do much for bonfire night? :D

  3. The fireworks look so fun. Ahaha yeah self raising flour and cookies is not a good idea. xD

  4. Love fireworks! :) They are pretty.